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Date/Time: 6 December 2016, 10:00am - 06:00pm
Venue: Ballroom G+J (Experience Hall), Level 3
Location: The Venetian Macao

Title: HapticAid: Wearable Haptic Augmentation System for Enhanced, Enchanted and Empathised Haptic Experiences
Booth Number: et_0046

Summary: We present HapticAid, a wearable system that enhances haptic sensations. The system consists of a wearable vibration sensor that is placed at the middle phalanx of a finger, a processor that processes haptic information, and a wrist-worn haptic actuator that provides haptic feedback. We envision three application areas with the HapticAid system: enhance, i.e., amplify and enhance haptic sensations; enchant. i.e., experience new haptic feedback when interacting with passive objects; and empathise, i.e., communication of haptic experiences that allows connecting and empathising with others' haptic sensations.

Tomosuke Maeda, Keio University Graduate School of Media Design