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Date/Time: 6 December 2016, 10:00am - 06:00pm
Venue: Ballroom G+J (Experience Hall), Level 3
Location: The Venetian Macao

Title: VibroPlay: Authoring Three-Dimensional Spatial-Temporal Tactile Effects with Direct Manipulation
Booth Number: et_0034

Summary: Vibrotactile patterns can enhance the immersion of multimedia contents such as videos or games. To produce the patterns, several GUI-based authoring systems are proposed by deriving from the applications of signal processing or animation authoring. Although these systems are powerful, most of them focused on designing two-dimensional tactile effects and require professional domain knowledge. This paper introduces VibroPlay, a VR-based authoring system aiming at enabling users to design three-dimensional spatial-temporal vibrotactile patterns for actuator arrays with bare hands or physical artifacts. In the VR environment, the system shows an avatar of the user, virtual replicas of the actuators, and virtual objects that are digitized from the physical artifacts through a depth camera. Once a virtual actuator collided by the virtual objects or hands, the corresponding physical actuator vibrates. Through this manner, users can produce desired patterns by direct manipulation, like acting a play.

Mu-Hsuan Chen, National Taiwan University