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Date/Time: 6 December 2016, 02:15pm - 04:00pm
Venue: Sicily 2405, Level 1
Location: The Venetian Macao

Course: Rotational Symmetries on Surfaces: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: They need to have some fundamental knowledge in math, such as linear algebra and calculus. Knowing topology and differential geometry is a plus, but not required.

Presentation Language: English

Intended Audience: This course is for people who are interested in texture synthesis, fluid simulation, image processing, non-photorealistic rendering, and geometry processing. Researchers in vector and tensor field visualization would also be appropriate audience here.

Organizer: Eugene Zhang, Associate Professor, Oregon State University Eugene Zhang received the PhD degree in computer science in 2004 from Georgia Institute of Technology. He is an Associate Professor at Oregon State University, where he is a member of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His research interests include computer graphics, scientific visualization, geometric modeling, and computational topology. He received an National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2006. He is a senior member of the IEEE and the ACM. During 2011-2012, he was a guest professor at the Berlin Mathematical School and the Max-Plank-Institute in Informatics.

Eugene Zhang, Oregon State University

Summary: This course will cover the analysis and design rotational symmetry fields, which have applications in painterly rendering, pen-and-ink sketching, texture and geometry synthesis, and quadrangular and triangular remeshing.